on your loan is now offered twice each year!

Alliance Credit Union wants to offer you budget relief in these uncertain times. As a valued member, you have the opportunity to stretch your monthly spending budget by taking advantage of our Semi-Annual Skip-A-Payment offer. If you have not already taken advantage of this offer, you can elect to skip any one monthly payment through December, 31, 2021. Please note that you may skip one consumer loan payment every six months only, January through June and July through December.

The processing fee (10% of your monthly loan payment, maximum $50) can be automatically deducted from your Alliance checking or savings account, or you can return the form below with a check payable to Alliance. To apply for Skip-A-Payment, simply complete the form below and return it to Alliance at least ten (10) days prior to the due date of your payment. Regardless if it is for back-to-school expenses, medical bills or Christmas shopping, we hope that this special program will make paying your bills easier when you need it most. This is just another way Alliance strives each day to deliver value and enrich the lives of our members!


Sean Chambers, VP-Lending

2021 Skip-A-Payment

Simply type in your member number and your Loan Type will automatically prefill. If you have more than one Loan Type that you would like to skip your payment on, please select each one from the drop-down and submit individually.

Member Name: Member #: Loan #:

Yes, I would like to Skip-A-Payment!

I acknowledge if my loan payment is set up as an Automatic Transfer or Automatic Payment, my payment amount will not be withdrawn for that month.

Indicate which monthly payment you would like to skip (only one): , 2021

Please withdraw the $10% processing fee from my: Alliance Checking Account     Alliance Savings Account

Extension Agreement: I authorize Alliance Credit Union to defer my above marked loan payment for the account and loan number indicated above, to the end of my loan term. I understand that my next regular payment will be due one month later, and that all terms and conditions of the original note will remain in effect with the exception of any credit life, health or accident insurance; warranty, or other services I may have purchased with this loan. I will forgo such coverages and protection if applicable for the month of payment extension. I understand my final payment will be more than my regular payment because the extension fee merely extends the principal loan balance and I will pay interest on the amount for an additional month. In consideration of this Skip-A-Payment promotion, I agree to pay the nominal processing fee. This offer does not apply to mortgage loans, credit cards, share/CD secured loans or lines of credit, and is subject to approval and conditions stated. All member loans must be current and in good standing to qualify for this program. Members may skip two loan payments per calendar year per qualifying loan, but cannot skip two months in a row on any single loan.

All borrowers, including co-borrowers, must sign this extension agreement prior to granting this request.

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