Yes, I'd like to Participate in the "Special Circumstances, one time" deferred payment program for the month of April, 2020 or May, 2020 (check one).

We ask that you apply 10 business d ays before your payment is d ue.

The following Loan Types are allowed the deferred payment program:
Autos, Boats, Motorcycles, Jet Ski's, All Terrain, RV's, Signature and Secured Loans

This offer does not apply to Real Estate, HELOCs, Lines of Credit and credit cards.*
Account Loan ID #

I understand that by deferring my monthly payment(s) on my loan(s) (i) the final payment date will be extended, (ii) I will be charged more interest over the life of the loan and (iii) the final payment amount will change due to the accumulated interest. (iv) approval of this request to skip-a-payment is in the sole and absolute discretion of the Credit Union. I understand that any GAP policies I may have purchased will only cover an additional 2 (two) months of extended payment(s), therefore, should my deferral of payment increase the number of payments by more than 2 additional months, then the GAP policies will not cover any of the payments in excess of the 2 additional months. Members must be in good standing to qualify. All Loans must be current. Loans that are not over 12 months old do not qualify. New Loans with deferred/future due dates do not qualify. Exceptions - See VP of Lending, AVP of Collections, CEO.


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