Omaha Federal Credit Union logo PC Access Registration Form

To sign up for Omaha Federal Credit Union's PC Access Home Financial Services, please fill out the form below. You can either fax it to us at 402-399-0129, mail it to us at: Omaha Federal Credit Union, 3001 S0. 82nd Ave., Omaha, Nebraska, 68124, or bring it in-person to any of our four office locations.

Account #:

Social Security #: Daytime Phone #:
E-Mail Address: Home Phone #:
My Personal Identification Number (PIN):
Your PIN must be 7-15 characters and must contain at least 1 number and 1 letter. All PINs are case sensitive. We also suggest that you change your PIN on a routine basis.

I/we (hereinafter "I" refers to all signatures to this Agreement) request a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access my account(s) at Omaha Federal Credit Union ("Credit Union") through the on-line personal home financial service called PC Access. I understand that PC Access requires use of a personal computer with access through the computer network of CUSA Technologies Inc.

Note: I, by submitting this PC Access Registration Form, agree to the following terms and conditions listed below:

  1. The Credit Union issues the PIN for my use only. I will not transfer it to anyone else. I assume responsibility for all transactions made through PC Access.
  2. I acknowledge that the PIN issued to me by Omaha Federal Credit Union will be kept personal and confidential. I agree not to keep my PIN anyplace where it may be found along with my account number and to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that no one else learns my PIN. At no time will I reveal or make available, directly or indirectly, the PIN to any other person.
  3. The PIN is the property of the Credit Union and is subject to cancellation at any time without notice. I may cancel all PIN privileges for me and any joint owner or user by notifying the Credit Union in writing. In any event, I shall remain responsible for payment of any outstanding balances.
  4. I will report, promptly upon discovery, any loss or theft of the PIN in writing to the Omaha Federal Credit Union, 3001 So. 82nd Ave., Omaha, Nebraska 68124, or by calling (402) 399-9001 or 1-800-660-7350. I will confirm any telephone notification in writing, to the address listed above, within 5 business days of making the notification.
  5. My use of the PIN is subject to the Omaha Federal Credit Union's regulations on all accessible accounts. I agree not to withdraw funds in excess of the balance in my account. I have requested access to my Overdraft Protection, if I have this service, through use of my PIN in the PC Access system. I agree not to withdraw funds in excess of the Overdraft Protection limit approved by the Credit Union. If the Credit Union honors a withdrawal request for an amount in excess of my available balance or credit limit, if one exists, I agree to immediately pay the amount of the excess upon notification.
  6. I agree to adhere to any limitations on dollar amounts or number of transfers as disclosed to me.
  7. The Credit Union may change or rescind these rules and regulations at any time after giving required notice.
  8. If a PIN is issued for a joint account, we agree to be jointly and severally liable under the terms of this Agreement. If I am a joint owner I agree that if a transaction(s) by any of my joint owner(s) is made and results in access to the other's asset accounts and/or advances from the other's EZ Cash Line of Credit, each joint owner authorizes the Cedit Union to honor such request and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the account (s), whether the accounts are in their joint names or in the individual name of any of the joint owners of this account. The terms and conditions of the asset accounts and/or EZ Cash Line of Credit accounts are incorporated herein by reference.
  9. The Credit Union is not responsible for errors, or delays resulting from malfunction of any personal computer, modem, or computer network used to access PC Access.

I acknowledge that this is my true and lawful signature under penalty of perjury:


This Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.