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The total transferred may not exceed your ILWUCU Visa limit. Your balance transfer total will appear on your next credit card statement. Please note this transfer will not close your other account(s). Please check with individual creditors to close your account. I authorize ILWUCU to pay the balances specified below, and transfer the total to my ILWUCU Visa account and understand that I must make payments until notified of the transfer. I understand that balance transfers may take up to two weeks to process and that ILWUCU is not responsible for any charges due to late payments; that these transfers will be posted to my ILWUCU Visa as a balance transfer in accordance with the terms of the Credit Card Agreement; that advances begin accruing interest upon posting; that existing ILWUCU Visa or loan balances are not eligible for this offer; and that this rebate offer is limited to one rebate per member.